50+ Reasons To Examine ‘Bitcoin Is Scam In Addition To Fraud’ – Chapter[Two] R[One-4]

A research can be described as anything backed by  50+ Reasons To Prove 'Bitcoin Is Scam and Fraud' – Chapter[2] R[1-4]

A inquiry can be described as anything backed past facts as well as figures together with which connects scattered dots to describe a total moving picture. It does non necessarily live a plain classical blank and white PDF file amongst exclusively charts together with tables.

With these serial of articles, I take tried my grade best to uncover the cashless agenda behind this complex P2P distributed ledger engineering science every bit slow to understand as possible for the layman.

In Chapter#1 nosotros discussed:

  • History of money from Barter To Bits
  • The key differences between money vs currency vs bitcoin
  • Why Gold is hated by the banking elite just loved by the misfortunate
  • How Gold criterion was adopted, then corrupted as well as last wiped out through the introduction of free floating currencies
  • We exposed the truthful identity of both Bitcoin in addition to Ethereum creators as Nick Szabo – The polymath together with caput of the cypherpunks living inward US of America.
  • We discussed how bitcoin was coded inside northward.southward.A building too the motives behind using Japanese in addition to Russian characters for Bitcoin too Ethereum respectively.
  • We exposed the banking elites interest inwards funding crypto startups together with soundless development of the RScoin as well as FEDcoin.
  • In brusque Chapter#ane exposed the cashless gild agenda for a consummate volume surveillance as well as financial enslavement.
In this chapter we will hash out why a blockchain engineering which should solely be used for the welfare of mankind is instead used to create:
  1. An inefficient trust-less digital payment arrangement that is over ix,000 times slower at maximum capacity compared to traditional payment processing systems like VISA.
  2. An free energy hungry virtual currency which is not alone a moral poisonous substance only besides a deadliest environmental poison.
  3. Decentralized cryptocurrencies that are really controlled via centralized exchanges which largely operate exterior the command of fiscal regulators too offer virtually no transparency. Thus leaving cryptocurrencies vulnerable to gaming and manipulation.
  4. A bogus digital currency, whose toll tin live easily manipulated through tertiary-political party digital currencies such every bit Tether or through bounty campaigns via speculaton of morally corrupt social media influencers.
  5. A new bogus fiat currency out of sparse air that does non qualify whatever of the fundamental characteristics of coin.
  6. An unregulated, border-less, anonymous together with irreversible e-currency that has get the favorite currency of cyber-criminals, drug lords, darknet marketplaces, kid abusers, coin launderers and tax evaders.
  7. An electronic-cash system only to please the corrupt elite of the guild with a so-called deflationary currency (Bitcoin) where the wretched has literally no chance of participating thank you to its extremely high transaction fees, complex technical pattern as well as mining monopoly.
  8. A trust-less too lawless currency model which offers opportunities for whatsoever criminal mindset to easily make a Pyramid / Ponzi system or expire scam (ICO) in addition to go away easily alongside over $116,000,000 of investors coin past investing nada more than but a cool fancy website alongside imitation promises, infringed whitepaper together with stolen photos from LinkedIn profiles.
  9. A ridiculously vulnerable currency that can live created out of sparse air ($vii,000,000 in only 6 months)  past just stealing computational ability (leaching CPU cycles) of infected computers through crypto-mining malware.
  10. An unregulated currency that has literally opened the Gates of Hell. From buying deadly drugs, kid abuse imagery, explosives, to hiring a hitman, Bitcoin has transformed online payments into a child’s play. Thanks to Bitcoin, the darknet marketplaces are booming today with nigh each darknet website making over $1,000,000 sales per solar day. 

This enquiry if read thoroughly, will prove without a unmarried incertitude, that if Darknet is the Door to Hell then Bitcoin is its Key.


Chapter[two.0]  R[1-4]: fifty+ Reasons To Prove ‘Bitcoin Is Scam in addition to Fraud’
Chapter[2.one]  R[v-10]: Bitcoin Is Neither Currency Nor Money      
Chapter[2.2]  R[11-12]: Biggest Lie: Bitcoin Transaction Is Cheap as well as Faster
Chapter[2.iii]  R[thirteen]: Two Major Reasons Behind Bitcoin’second Rising Price & Demand 
Chapter[two.iv]  R[fourteen]: five Different Bitcoin Forks: Which One Is The Digital Gold?
Chapter[two.five]  R[fifteen]: Bitcoin = Biggest Bubble of All Time
Chapter[2.six]  R[16-xix]: If Darknet Is The Door To Hell Then Bitcoin Is Its Key  
Chapter[two.vii]  R[xx]: Bitcoin’second Biggest Promoter McAfee, Is An Accused Rapist together with Murderer
Chapter[ii.eight]  R[21-22]: Bitcoin Is The Most Insecure Currency Ever Created In History
Chapter[2.nine] R[23]: Bitcoin Is Easily hacked: Complete List of Cryptocurrency Hacks [2011-2018]
Chapter[ii.x] R[24]: Malware Is Easily Injected In Bitcoin’second Blockchain
Chapter[ii.xi] R[25]: Biggest Myth: 51% assail Is Impossible & Bitcoin Is Unstoppable
Chapter[ii.12] R[26]: ICO Means ‘Best Exit Scam’: A Criminal’sec Guide To Become a Millionaire
Chapter[ii.xiii] R[27]: Crypto Exchanges are Mostly Scammers – List of all Hacked Exchanges [2011-2018]
Chapter[two.xiv] R[28]: Bitcoin Mining Favors The Rich and Criminals
Chapter[ii.fifteen] R[29]: Comparing Bitcoin Mining To Gold Mining Is Ignorance
Chapter[ii.xvi] R[30]: Bitcoin Is a Deadliest Environmental Poison
Chapter[ii.17] R[31]: Bitcoin Confiscation & The Executive Order 6102 of 1933
Chapter[two.eighteen] R[32]: Bitcoin Creators Hate ‘United Future World Currency’
Chapter[ii.19] R[33]: WannaCry Ransomware Attack Was Launched by due north.due south.A every bit Bitcoin Publicity Stunt
Chapter[ii.20] R[34-39]: Strong Reasons How NSA too FBI Are Promoting Bitcoin Adoption
Chapter[2.21] R[40-44]: Economists Call Bitcoin a Joke and Greater Fool Theory
Chapter[two.22] R[45-47]: Online Retailers Don’t Consider Bitcoin as Medium of Exchange
Chapter[two.23] R[48]: Bitcoin Is Advertised Heavily To Increase Its Adoption Rate
Chapter[2.24] R[49-50]: Bitcoin Victims End Up Signing Petitions For Help

Reason[1]: one% Owns ninety% of all Bitcoin Wealth

  1. Paper Currencies too Banks are the First Corporate Scam.
    1% owns fifty% of all Word Wealth Chapter#one, I mentioned categorically that the master aim behind creating Bitcoin is to purpose Artificial Intelligence (AI) together with Data mining to study man reaction towards a cashless monetary system via a lawless / trustless (decentralized) Peer-to-Peer electronic cash organization in addition to Immutable (Un-editable) Blockchain engineering science on its initial testing stage.

    1. Executing the Cashless Society Agenda past imposing Centralized Fiat Cryptocurrencies issued by cardinal banks for Absolute Financial Enslavement.
    2. Using Editable Blockchain engineering science along alongside Biometric technologies (using Iris scanning initially as well as gradually moving to RFID surgical scrap implants from 2020 onwards) for creating Universal Digital Identity (UDI) to record general data of every living human existence from nascence to decease for volume population surveillance and thence Absolute State Domination.

    I volition emphasize once more that none of these goals volition be implemented by force because the Cashless Society Agenda is implemented through listen programming to convince people that such technologies is inwards their own self-interest as well as may fifty-fifty deliver personal benefits. People will live brainwashed plenty to demand it themselves in nigh time to come as seen alongside Syrian Refugees.

    Then I discussed in item inwards Chapter[ane.12] by disclosing the still convergence of events between Bitcoin, RFID, Blockchain and Cashless Society agenda as well as how Accenture as well as Rockefeller Foundation is funding ID2020 to place as well as rails every living man existence via blockchain engineering science before 2020 in addition to via RFID chips earlier 2030 respectively.

    They accept collected plenty data through cryptocurrencies to report human being demeanor online to a cashless economy just earlier executing the bigger plan offline, they are experimenting with smaller groups of humans showtime.

    100% Pakistani crypto users I met don’t even know that the kickoff ever working model of a bio-metric electronic currency on ethereum blockchain was tested inward Islamic Republic of Pakistan!

    In chapter[i.12] you read how UN’sec World Food Program (WFP) is using iris-scanning combined amongst ethereum blockchain engineering science to permit Syrian refugees inward Jordan to buy food without using local paper currency, the Jordanian Dinar but past using digital tokens or digital vouchers on 200 retail stores.