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A lot of things tin locomote on online , unopen to of which are beyond your control. One of these is invalid click activities that are caused yesteryear a issue of things , merely tin Pb you lot into 1 unfortunate province of affairs – getting banned from AdSense for good. Since you lot ask AdSense to piece of job yesteryear away along rail of your website’s surgery , you lot should practice anything possible to protect yourself against invalid clicks.

StatCounter tin assist you lot inwards this mission. This is a spider web traffic analysis tool that lets you lot rail all clicks together with piece of job out links. Through it , you lot volition know where a bulk of your invalid clicks are coming from , together with the corresponding IPs that you lot tin therefore block to protect your AdSense account.

detect invalid clicks amongst statcounter

Getting started is equally tardily equally signing upwards together with creating an account. You tin therefore practice a novel projection for a website that you lot wishing to track. Like most analytics tools , StatCounter is fairly tardily to use. Make certain to pick out a counter or Invisible tracking , together with opt to have reports inwards a weekly or monthly dry soil , therefore that you lot tin piece of job yesteryear away along an oculus on invalid AdSense clicks.

After entering the appropriate information , press the “Add Project” push which volition have got you lot to the “Choose an installation Guide for your website” page – hither click the “Default Installation Guide” link. Now , StatCounter volition laissez passer you lot a code along amongst instructions on how to install this code on your website. After adding the code , press the “Check Installation” push on the correct toward the bottom of the page inwards guild to complete the installation process.

Tracking Exit Links

Once you lot have got added StatCounter to your website , your reports volition hold out available inside minutes. Now let’s run into how to rail invalid AdSense Clicks using StatCounter.

Click on Stats together with click on the card called “Exit Link Activity”. This volition demo all the links that visitors clicked on to leave of absence your website. Here , you lot tin also give away Date , Time , Exit Link Clicked together with the page on which the piece of job out link was clicked.

The piece of job out link could hold out a promotion or a link to other website. To display exclusively the clicks on the AdSense ads , role the “Exit Link Match” filter to ‘google adsense’. This means , you lot volition hold out able to run into how many clicks are at that spot on advertisements together with at what fourth dimension the click was made.

To run into fifty-fifty to a greater extent than information well-nigh a detail visitor who clicked on the link , click on the magnify icon. This volition demo you lot the Search Referral , IP Address of the visitor , Host Name , their Location , how many times they’ve visited your spider web log earlier , Visit Length , Browser , OS , Resolution , Internet access provider , together with the pages they viewed including the piece of job out links.

So this is how you lot tin rail the invalid AdSense clicks using StatCounter. Although you lot may have got to disable advertisements on your website temporarily to avoid a potentially disastrous province of affairs , such equally beingness click bombed , it is a ameliorate choice than beingness kicked out of AdSense permanently. Through StatCounter , you lot volition hold out able to detect invalid clicks or whatever suspicious activities that volition inflate the issue of clicks on an ad. Since you lot can’t command an advertiser or publisher’s wishing to growth their turn a profit , you lot should monitor click through rates or the terms per clicks you lot are making. If at that spot is a precipitous growth of clicks merely you lot brand cipher CPC , it’s fourth dimension to rail downwards on these invalid Adsense clicks together with pose a terminate to them.


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