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When it comes to abode pages , most websites tin last divided into two: static together with non-static. As their get upward implies , static abode pages remain permanent no affair how many times the website is updated , piece non-static abode pages reverberate the changes that are made to the site together with show the latest posts first.

The latter has give-up the ghost well-known nowadays due to the ascension popularity of personal together with fifty-fifty corporate blogs. However , at that spot are nevertheless many people who prefer static abode pages because it makes their websites await to a greater extent than organized together with professional. It also gives them to a greater extent than command over the readers’ sense on their site together with helps them create stronger construct awareness through the uniform message that their abode page presents.

blogger static homepage

Fortunately , if y’all ain a Blogger site together with desire to construct your abode page static , you’ll honour that creating i isn’t every bit hard every bit it seems. You tin create a static abode page inwards Blogger past times taking these steps:

static pages inwards Blogger

1. Create your static abode page

The kickoff thing y’all should practise is to create a novel page for your blog. This volition serve every bit your static abode page but , for straightaway , it volition await together with human activity similar whatever other page inwards your site.

To construct this page , you’ll necessitate to give-up the ghost to the master copy bill of fare of the Blogger dashboard together with click on the “Pages” alternative on the left side on the screen. Doing this volition atomic number 82 y’all to the “All Pages” bill of fare window. Here , click on the “New Page” push together with you’ll come inwards an editor that looks similar to the Blogger Post editor that y’all usage when publishing a novel spider web log post.

static abode page

At the overstep box , come inwards the championship that y’all desire for this page – inwards this instance , let’s telephone vociferation upward it the “Welcome” page. In the larger text box , type the content that y’all desire to appear on your abode page; this tin last a paragraph , or 2 close yourself or your trouble organisation together with what your site is all about.

Once you’re done , click “Publish”. The window volition supply to the master copy “All Pages” bill of fare , together with you’ll run into the novel “Welcome” page you’ve created. Copy the URL of the “Welcome” page since you’ll necessitate it afterward on. To practise this , correct click on the ‘View’ link together with select ‘Copy Link Location’ from the menu.

2. Redirect the default abode page to the static one

Once your “Welcome” page is upward , the adjacent thing y’all should practise is to change Blogger’s default homepage. This involves redirecting from your site’s original abode page to the static homepage that you’ve created hence it would last the kickoff thing that people run into when they catch your website.

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To practise this , you’ll necessitate to give-up the ghost to master copy Blogger editor bill of fare , click on “Settings” on the left side of the covert , together with select “Search Preferences”. Under the “Errors together with redirections” department , you’ll run into the “Custom Redirects” alternative alongside an “Edit” link beside it. Click on the “Edit” link to opened upward some other window , where you’ll run into 2 boxes named “From” (with your blog’s URL beside it) together with “To”.

In the “From” box , come inwards solely a forrard slash symbol “/”. In the “To” box , glue the URL that y’all copied before together with add together the latter purpose of the URL of the “Welcome” page. For instance , the page’s URL of our demo spider web log is , hence we’ll take away the “” address together with add together solely “/p/welcome.html” inwards the “To:” box. The “/p” signifies that it’s a static page.

Next , cheque the fiddling box beside “Permanent” , click on the “Save” text link , together with press the “Save changes” button. Doing these volition redirect your site’s master copy URL to its novel static abode page. Access your spider web log on a separate browser to run into if it works.

3. Make tabs for your site

If you’re non planning to construct tabs visible inwards your spider web log , y’all tin terminal at Step #2. But , if y’all desire your site to conduct keep tabs that signal the abode page , the master copy spider web log page , together with other pages y’all may conduct keep (such every bit the FAQs together with Contact Us pages) , you’ll necessitate to conduct keep some other step.

Why is this important? Basically , when visible tabs are enabled inwards your site , they volition demonstrate that y’all conduct keep 2 existing pages: the default abode page together with the novel “Welcome” page you’ve created – both of which redirect to the same static page. This tin last confusing for your readers together with may fifty-fifty touching on your search engine rankings.

To laid upward this , y’all kickoff necessitate to enable tabs past times going to the “Layout” bill of fare detail together with click on the “Add a Gadget” link. You tin select to add together it below your spider web log header or sidebar. In many cases , it’s advisable to add together it below blog’s header since they’re to a greater extent than visible together with hand your website a sleek , professional person look.

Once the pop-up window opens , scroll downwardly together with click on the ‘Pages’ link:

This volition opened upward some other window named “Configure Page List”. Here , nether the “Pages to show” department , you’ll run into the default abode page together with your novel static homepage alongside modest boxes beside them. Uncheck the box beside the default abode page to enshroud it from sentiment , cheque the pages that y’all desire to display inwards the bill of fare together with and then click on the “Save” push to relieve the changes.

You tin terminal at this dot but , if y’all desire , y’all tin also create a specific tab that volition atomic number 82 to your master copy spider web log post page. To practise this , edit the “Pages” gadget that y’all only saved together with click “+ Add external link”.

On the novel window that would opened upward , come inwards the championship you’d similar for the page (such every bit “Blog”) along alongside /index.html spider web address , together with then hitting “Save Link” together with click the “Save” push on the “Configure Page List” window.

Now , sentiment your site together with y’all volition run into the pages bill of fare containing the “Welcome” page together with “Blog” tabs. To run into how this plant , y’all tin also catch our demo blog. Enjoy!

Final Note

Having a static abode page tin last beneficial for your blog. Follow the steps higher upward straightaway to create a static abode page inwards Blogger!


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