BRAIN ILLUMINATION – The Monkey Mind VS the Mind of Light

We now have simply collectively stepped past the brink of the Divine Doorways of illumination. What we do now’s all as much as you, however the query remaining is;

Whom do you TRUST?

Which MIND are you aligned with?

Because the acceleration continues many souls have reached a degree of how do I proceed therapeutic my self, household and others? How can we acquire a better resonances and alter of notion as many have been delivered to their knees – reaching that positive line between madness and stillness. How does one proceed to simply and easy remodel the inside tsunami, struggling over the ruler ship of our MINDS?

Sai Baba – the Cosmic Christ Avatar as soon as stated:

the thoughts can create bondage or the thoughts can create liberation

These previous couple of weeks have examined each ones persistence, energy, fortitude and authenticity. We now have all skilled these moments misplaced in steady ideas drowning in a sea of despair and doubt, however have additionally risen in ecstasy with artistic inspiration of recent concepts birthed into actuality. So in honouring our psychological monkey thoughts to turning into a Thoughts of Gentle receptive to Divine Intelligence and permitting the infinite potentialities, undiscovered horizons but to discover we should delve into the FEAR MATRIX of the Collective Consciousnesses. By releasing these previous, worn out repressed emotional webs created from our previous, ancestors, patterns and constructions which have left us paralysed in contemplation for too lengthy.

With the accelerated unfolding transformation we many have been annoyed with it not being enjoyable anymore experiencing explosive anger suppressed for years, aeon’s really in managed worry based mostly programing forcing us to go inside our masculine selves this time to face the ache of the inflicted previous. This allowed many to bear witness to those unstated shadows of grief, bitterness and regret, leading to continual complications, sore/ dry throats, limitless coughing, sleepless nights and frustration.

What might have been overlooking is that this was THAT excellent alternative to launch /tearing up the previous contracts of the infectious deep seated wounds of self-abuse torturing our feelings by leaving us paralysed in ICE-olation. By gathering braveness to face these inside demons – which the truth is are simply an phantasm – we recall that dynamic second in time, that A-HA second! When full realization hits to create our realities all of it begins with the thoughts – what we expect might be magnetize into our sphere – we have to develop into extra cognitive of our ideas and expressions – develop into extra vigilant. Recognizing when a trip is required, energetically filter our houses and sanctuaries, a therapeutic periods, therapeutic massage, meditation, an ascension stroll within the woods, reconnecting with our selves, a couple of days away with our companions, expressing ourselves creatively, taking a workshop, taking part in with our kids and animals, letting freedom rein. Our coronary heart begins to beat entrained to the Earth’s and the cosmos, throbbing with pleasure as we construct a contemporary new basis gaining energy and momentum, as every magical step unfolds earlier than our very eyes. Understanding now that every one is in divine order, that our journey deep into the Shadow is de facto knowledge reworking carry illumination to the previous illusions of darkness to ignite the eagerness of heaven.

Over the previous few weeks many have been experiencing what we name ‘Ascension Signs‘ or ‘therapeutic disaster‘ of the power flu, irritation, dizziness, unexplained aches and pains, discharging previous reactions because the physique detoxes from the stress and stress held hostage for years. Respiratory once more and studying how you can merely expertise and observe with baby like marvel – to only BE – transferring on with out judgement, disgrace, worry, escapism, attachment, denial, anger, persevering with the pity recreation preferring to play sufferer or avoidance in repeating itself.

However a real passing of kinds, filling these previous outworn patterns with LOVE to be passionately re-born because the Phoenix rising out of the ashes. Permitting the accelerated power to proceed flushing our our bodies and mobile reminiscence on the sub atomic particle ranges – spinning our DNA sooner, releasing previous stagnate power. Turn into extra versatile, fluid, energized and very important. 2011 actually was the 12 months of TRANSCENDCE. An initiatory gateway; a time of obligatory upheavals that can reveal the present of emergence – the Rainbow Warrior. As we repeatedly construct our our bodies of sunshine, synthesizing the sunshine in a dynamic balancing to beginning the brand new human – Homo Luminance’s, weaving the sparks of shimmering mists for our new webs of creation.

Recognizing and embracing new truths: that we’re the MASTERPIECES, the MUSES, the absolutely realized grasp self. Igniting infinite potentialities inside.

“I AM the darkness that’s the LIGHT and the STILLNESS that’s the DANCING”. -T.S Elliote

Why not as a substitute, dare to be the WILD CARD! Throw out these previous scripts of drama, the truth is tear it up and burn it! Surrendering as soon as and for all of the ache of separation, mayhem, survival, poverty, the disgrace of being, unworthiness with fears of being unlovable and lonely. BE THE CHANGE! Dare risking all of it by writing an impressive new script studying second to second, actually embracing residing within the essence of Divine FLOW having fun with the enchantment of the second, believing and utilizing your personal magic and powers of creation to create a harmonious and magical life. Permitting the total realization of our true divinity to floor, conquering our self-imposed limitations to actualize our Diamond Alignment of Divine Bliss, residing in orgasmic ecstasy absolutely woke up and alive… that is proper RAPTURE!


Within the days main as much as this Hoodwinked occasion, I used to be amazed by the madness of the repeated finish of the world situations consistently being taking part in time and again to instill worry of an impending catastrophe of catastrophic proportions – making a tear within the power fields of our auras, an virtually Astral Invasion of the darkish facet of the decrease ego leaving these scary pictures to replay in whose ever creativeness allowed it to imprint – purposefully stunning you to throw you out of sync inside your centre. (Keep in mind that on the root of this power, it nonetheless is SOURCE). When the truth is it was a Cosmic explosion of harmonic balancing of the divine ecstasy, pleasure and bliss.

The Alchemical Marriage of the Divine Pole shift of mixing, merging and integrating collectively within the Sacred Sexual Cosmic Union of our inside masculine and female selves awakening a better resonance of our Divinity – offering mind illumination, activating our pituitary glands to uncover the traditional knowledge’s of ETERNAL LIFE, illuminating the Common Designed Truths now not held in secrecy. Aiding humanity with elevating the soul as Ascension is definitely the Dissension of Spirit into Matter awakening private energy by means of consciousness whereas embracing the shadow wounds of the previous making the brand new harmonic octaves of Heaven on Earth absolutely realized. Permitting creation to draw our different half – the psychical points of the Twin Flame, the God/Goddess inside to expertise the RAPTURE within the ONEness Union of the Nice Cosmic Orgasm of the Ecstasy Blueprint Codes giving beginning to the Divine Little one – or in any other case often called The Holy Trinity. Discover that the numerology of the day of RAPTURE was additionally the truth is a 3 – Trinity! As soon as once more leaving us to marvel with fascination on the historical legal guidelines of the Airtight Precept of: so above, so under, so inside so with out.

This type of Sacred Union continues to be identified from the traditional circles of the Excessive Priest/Priestess Orders, the truth is anybody honouring the Goddess is absolutely conscious of this phenomena as we speak, because the Arc of Gentle is ignited, strengthening ones KA physique, experiencing radiant well being, power and a luminescence aura with a golden halo. Uncovering why one of many biggest tales ever shrouded in secrecy about Jesus and ” the Holy Grail“, his marriage and love for Mary Magdalena – who was additionally a really excessive provoke often called a Intercourse Priestess within the Excessive Order of the Isis in Egypt, a really revered place however branded a prostitute by society – was hidden in plain sight.

The comical half being that in some components of the world, Rapture is also referred to as Little Demise giving us better consciousness to only why worry was so instilled within the collective consciousness – to maintain you from the belief of your true Divinity & Energy – your Sacred Cosmic Key in communion with the Universe – The Divine Thoughts. By practising even for a couple of minutes a day to quiet, silence the thoughts and to only BE an inside energy unfolds trusting that every one might be revealed on the actual second.By the rising of the inside solar, the everlasting now’s born the place the dreamer now longer simply desires, however is absolutely Woke up.

“Those that look outward – DREAM

those that look inward – A W A Okay E N”

– Carl Jung

From my coronary heart to your coronary heart and to the guts of all creation, wishing you all magical days and nights crammed with divine cosmic ecstasy.

Aloha Blessings Charlotte

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